When it comes to trucking accidents in North Carolina, there is a big difference in the size and weight of a tractor trailer and ordinary passenger car. Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds with cargo, are more complicated to operate, and require a greater distance to come to a complete stop. The additional dangers associated with large trucks can lead to disastrous consequences when a wreck occurs.

If you or someone you know is a victim of a big-rig crash in northeastern North Carolina or the Outer Banks then you should speak with an attorney at Thompson & Pureza. Big trucks often have big trucking corporations to defend them in court, which can be intimidating. Our team will listen to the details, your concerns, and give you honest advice on what to do to get the compensation you deserve.

Types of Trucking Accidents in North Carolina and the Outer Banks

The attorneys at Thompson & Pureza have witnessed many trucking cases over their thirty years of practicing law throughout northeastern North Carolina and the Outer Banks. Below are just a few of those types of cases.

Rollover Accidents

Due to the high center of gravity of a tractor trailer, there is a greater risk of the truck rolling over. Semi-trucks going as little as 10 miles an hour can roll over on steep terrain. Rollovers can also happen when a truck driver turns too sharply at a high speed or swerves to avoid a collision. Once an 18-wheeler begins to roll, the driver no longer has control over where or how far the truck will go, which can lead to serious collisions with other motor vehicles on the road.

Jackknife Accidents

Jackknife tractor trailer accidents often happen when the driver of the truck brakes too quickly, leading to trailer of the truck swinging outward and folding around the cab at an angle. Once this happens, the weight of the trailer has control of the vehicle and may cross over other lanes or into oncoming traffic.

Tire Blowout Accidents

Just like passenger vehicles, tractor trailer trucks have tire blowout accidents.  Although, unlike regular vehicles, a blowout on a semi truck can be much more dangerous.  Large truck tires are kept at a very high pressure and with a full load of cargo, they can be very hard to steer if a tire blows. This can cause the big-rig to swerve into other lanes while the truck driver tries to regain the control. For other vehicles caught in the way, there can be devastating consequences.

Rear-end Collisions

Rear end collisions are common with auto accidents and can cause a lot of harm.  When they involve a tractor trailer truck, the accident can be much worse.  Big trucks carry heavy loads of cargo which can lead to a much greater impact if a truck driver fails to avoid a collision with another motor vehicle in front of them.

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