In today's modern world, most manufacturers must adhere to safety standards which help prevent the production of defective or dangerous products that might harm consumers. Because of these standards, the general public has come to trust most companies, and rarely do problems arise. Unfortunately, negligence in the design and production of goods still happens, resulting in accidents that can lead to severe injuries or even death. For the people of northeastern North Carolina and the Outer Banks hurt by defective products, the product liability attorneys at Thompson & Pureza are here help.

Product Liability Law in North Carolina

In North Carolina, if you have purchased a product or have been exposed to a defective product that causes you injury, you may have a claim for negligence based under the North Carolina Products Liability Act. Originally enacted in 1979, the act provides and applies to product liability actions as being any action brought on the account of an injury or death resulting from the manufacture, construction, design, formulation, development of standards, preparation, processing, assembly, testing, listing, certifying, warning, instructing, marketing, advertising, packaging or labeling of any product. The Act does not provide for strict liability. Claimants must prove negligence in court.

If the product's defect is found to be a result of the manufacturer's negligence, then those affected by the faulty product may be entitled to financial compensation for expenses like medical bills, loss of wages and future income, pain and suffering, or other monetary losses incurred as a result of the defect.

Examples of Product Liability Claims

A few examples of common claims involving dangerous products are:

  • Faulty automobile safety equipment like airbags or seat-belts which may not function properly in an accident, leading to the injury or death of a vehicles occupant
  • Vehicle equipment such as brakes, tires and gas tanks with defects that lead to an accident or make an accident even worse
  • Electrical cords or electrical equipment that fails, resulting in a fire, leaving the owner with the financial burden of rebuilding afterwards
  • Inadequate warnings on the product labels or improper instruction on how to use the product
  • Defective medical devices, medical tests or medicines
  • Faulty motorcycle or bicycle helmets

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Evidence is critical in any defective product claim; even the smallest detail can be used to prove the manufacturer should be held responsible. If you have been injured due to a defective product, do not wait! Keep the defective product, seek medical attention, then contact our law firm so we can make sure we get the facts about your case. The product liability lawyers at Thompson & Pureza have handled numerous product liability claims over a thirty year period and have obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars of recovery for victims. In our practice, we have associated ourselves with a number of experts skilled in identifying defective products and the causes of injury.

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