For over forty years, the real estate attorneys at Thompson & Pureza have earned the reputation of giving sound legal advice on a wide range of real estate issues. The firm routinely represents individuals, businesses, title insurance companies, banks and other lenders throughout the Albemarle area, as well as provides counsel to corporate and industrial borrowers.

Our Real Estate Practice Areas

Our legal staff regularly works for real estate clients in a variety of areas including:

  • Real Estate Litigation - Our firm is experienced in real estate litigation involving homeowner's associations, condominium rules, real estate contracts, title insurance and disagreements between property owners. Disputes like contract, boundary line, adverse possession and partition actions often require litigation.
  • Foreclosures - If you are a homeowner who is threatened with foreclosure, there may be options.  Our real estate attorneys can help homeowners stand up to lenders, giving them more time to negotiate alternatives like refinancing or qualifying for a loan modification.
  • Residential Home Closings - When buying or selling a home there are many legal hurdles and lots of paperwork for both parties. Let our office make the closing as simple as possible, while making sure that the sale process is complete.
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Our office is staffed and prepared to handle even the most complex commercial real estate negotiations, including multi-state transactions.
  • Real Estate Development - Our real estate development lawyers help clients with all aspects of residential, commercial, or industrial development, including land use, zoning, rezoning, municipal codes, variances, and other related issues.
  • Land Condemnation/Eminent Domain - If your property has been condemned by the local government or is set to be taken by eminent domain, we can advise you on your property rights and possible legal actions you can take as a property owner.

Speak With a Knowledgeable North Carolina Real Estate Attorney

If you would like more information on our real estate services, give our law office a call at 252.335.7200. We will gladly consult with you at no cost and give you our best recommendation on how we can help you. We offer practical advice on real estate issues to property owners all over northeastern North Carolina, including the Outer Banks.

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